Thank you for visiting and viewing my photo site. The photos here represent a moment I observed, captured, enhanced and, most importantly, shared. Photos are a story and here is mine.

One of my most enjoyable times with photography was capturing the athletics and events my kids participated in throughout their school years. The emotion, caring and sheer power of these photos was amazing. I captured as many kids as I could sharing the photos with the kids and their families. During this time, a parent shared a thank you with me that has also been one of the most influential comments on my work: "You help us see these events and our kids in a way we would otherwise miss." That statement helped me more than anything else focus what I do and what I share.

My photography is around seeing snippets of the world that evoke an emotion, a memory, or a story. My subjects have expanded to landscape, wildlife, weddings, events, and travel. Seeing and sharing is my great joy. This is why I do what I do.

Beyond photography, my focus for over the last 25 years was working with Nonprofit and Government organizations as a consultant, partner and leader at Wipfli retiring in May 2022. As a leader in my firm, I helped develop people to see the possibilities, engage their passions, and create success (and have fun doing it). Today, I continue to serve on nonprofit boards and help coach greatness for nonprofit leaders.

All of us are ultimately about the legacy we leave behind. At Wipfli, an outstanding team has continued to build and further grow the organizations we serve. I am also honored to serve on several nonprofit boards in our community. In my photographic art, I hope you will find something to see that you may have otherwise missed, that you may feel the story behind the image, and that an image will bring you joy.

Please connect with me and continue our conversation.

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